So the center street is Jishou set happy shopping, entertainment, features a variety of elements Food trend as one of the one-stop pedestrian street. The project is located in the people's road and Rong Guang Lu interchange gold a sector of an area, south of the national 4A scenic spot of certain city entrance, has the most dry state the most prosperous people Road shopping district, occupying the core position adjacent to the urban area, a certain bus station, long-distance passenger station, Jishou, by the open area is the export of high-speed, four provinces and cities in Hunan and Chongqing the border region important business trade center, the core position is so and so the north south development, the future will become so the most investment value of the commercial pedestrian street.
The project covers the cinema, KTV, western style food, large-scale appliance stores, baby world, video games, clothing brands, the advantage of centralized pedestrian street "shop shop frontage, independent property rights, complete functions, varieties, leisure and entertainment atmosphere thick, gathered popularity of the city", at the same time combined with Wanda shopping plaza "center polymerization force, elegant shopping environment, reasonable people oriented, one-stop shopping center" features, with the most innovative construction, the most reasonable line setting, most Yetai, most experience a sense of the top ten values, the original seventh generation pedestrian street, be certain the most prosperous consumption gathered!
Certain central pedestrian street as "Xiangxi First Street", will be passed the forefront, top resources, leading the fashion and trend, comprehensive upgrade Jishou consumption experience, become Xiangxi, and Hunan commercial benchmarking, business card!